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  • z_scale@yahoogroups.com
    Aug 1, 2014
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      Dear fellow Z enthusiasts,

      Here are some message posting guidelines designed to make our
      Z_Scale forum experience more enjoyable for one and all.

      1A. Ebay auction posts are not permitted. List members are familiar with
      Ebay and will hunt for goodies if they are so inclined. This does not
      preclude private for-sale announcements with requests for off-list replies.

      1. Stay on topic and be courteous and respectful at all times in tone.
      Profanity or abusive language will result in the immediate deletion of the
      offending message and the author will be placed on probation
      (moderated message posting).

      2. Edit message length

      In our excitement to reply to a posting, we often write a short (or medium
      or long) reply and hit the SEND key. As multiple messages are replied to
      in the same manner, the length of the posting grows with the
      accumulated crud of repeated content. As Z-scalers, you know how much
      we hate crud!

      It is not difficult to take a few seconds to delete or highlight and delete
      redundant material in your replies. This extra effort will greatly reduce
      message length and the frustration many members experience when
      receiving these sometimes massive missives. Remember, many
      members do not have high speed connections and many pay for their
      connection time (that is not to say that high speed users appreciate
      wallowing through useless repetition).

      3. Avoid "one-liner" replies

      Unless we are conducting a poll, it is of little interest to the membership
      that you share the opinion of others in a reply to the group. Of course,
      incremental information is always welcome. A thank you note that
      includes how you plan to make use of information supplied to you by other
      members is also welcome. Please avoid one liners if at all possible.

      4. Include relevant material when replying

      Use your editing skills to include relevant text when replying. Cutting and
      pasting is very easy. Highlight the text and use the Ctrl-X or Ctrl-C
      combination to place the text into temporary computer memory. Position
      the cursor where you would like to insert the text and use Ctrl-V to insert it.

      Text removal is even easier: Highlight text that you wish to remove and hit
      the delete key.

      5. Use descriptive message headers or titles

      It is often difficult to understand the content of a posting from the original
      title or header of the thread. If your posting represents a new subject or
      theme, please remember to change the message header to reflect the
      subject of your posting.


      NOTE: this message will appear monthly as a reminder to new and less
      new members alike. It is not meant as a criticism of any individual
      member. Your suggestions for improvements and additions to this ADM
      message are welcome at all times. Send comments to the listowners
      or Moderators.

      Enjoy your trainZ,
      Your Z_Scale helper team.
      Listowners and moderators.
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