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74527Re: News Rokuhan introduces their roundhouse

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  • trainssd
    Jun 19, 2014
      Thanks Garth!

      So, the outside dimensions of the stall is 165mm "long", and looking at the youtube you can see that the track does not go to the back wall, and the door mechanism travels and does not go to the back wall either... so take about 15 mm off the 165 mm to make up for these factors and just the wall and door thicknesses and you can get a loco about 150mm long.

      Clearly if you don't need the doors to shut you can get a longer loco on the stall track.

      I need to go measure my locos and see which steamers will fit inside. In the US it was somewhat rare to use diesels in a roundhouse, since they don't need to be turned as often as a steam loco.

      Thanks for the video.

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