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  • BAZ
    May 5, 2014
      I'm in the same but with a sound install. 'Done' on multiple e-mails but not in my hands. Missed a nice SP meet where I could have showed off Z and a show where we had some awesome sun entry that would have helped get some magazine shots. 

      SF Bay Area Z 

      Sent 'from the road'

      On May 5, 2014, at 2:46 PM, "Loren Snyder" <ljsnyder@...> wrote:


      I hope what I was told by IM is not true in the long run, but presently, IM is holding off on the mechanical reefers because of low pre orders.  Only time will tell as to whether IM continues with Z products.
      And it might be a service to any AZL loco owner if you either discreetly or openly shared the name of the person holding your locos.  No one wants to have their locos held captive.  That is a serious issue by any standard.
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      Date: 5/5/2014 2:26:43 PM
      Subject: [Z_Scale] Re: AZL May New Items Part 1

      On Sun May 4, 2014 7:24 pm (PDT) . 

      "BAZ" sj_baz_man

      >They're nice for those of us with big layouts and/or >larger radii. But for average (likely above average) user, these look silly running around 195/220 radii and take up >a lot of siding/spur space and about 2 nominal cars in a train. I am glad to see new rolling stock but not these >continued release of nothing under 50 feet.
      >SF Bay Area Z

        Have to agree with Jeff, especially long cars on 195mm radii curves.  220mm is not much better.  AZL has decided to stick with releasing modern freight stock after their release of old reefers, and it's hard to find modern rolling stock under 50', unless you are looking at carrying really heavy loads, e.g., coil cars or some covered hoppers.  I, for one, welcome these releases because I model modern and we all know that Micro-Trains is never going to release these.  I think the most modern MTL release is the 70' Gunderson well car and it cannot carry 53' containers except in the top position.  Intermountain is coming out with mechanical reefers, of which I predict that they will sell a boatload (I know I have a pre-release order in).  So, with the modern reefers, standard tank cars, hi-cube boxcars, 3- and 4-bay covered hoppers, Thrall well cars, 89' flat cars, center beam flats, and now whale belly tankers, etc., we're pretty well covered, with the exception of coil cars.  I know coil cars are available as "one-offs" from craftsmen, but I don't have the money, even if I knew who to contact.  The situation is so much better now than it was when I got into Z, it is unbelievable.  And it is largely due to AZL. 

        The only criticism of AZL that I could think of is the lack of an AZL-backed service structure for locomotives.  I sent some locos along with a check to a guy who advertises that he services AZL locos and he has had them for several years now, with no action.  We're talking 1000s of $$ worth of brass locos.  Hope he sees this.  But it just emphasizes the need for a formal service structure.  The Stiskas are no help with AZL locos, they seem to specialize in the MTL line. 

        -- Malcolm Z
      MCZ Models

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