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74397Re: [Z_Scale] AZL May New Items Part 1

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  • Lee Barry
    May 5, 2014
      any of you who have yard space are lucky and if you are able to run the largefr engines on your layout that is fine too, but I donot have any yard space and any engine over a Geep looks silly on my layout, also any cars that are over 40' don't look right. Some of us out here in Z land don't have the space or aspare bedroom to build a large layout in. Maybe I should have had Jim build me a 4'x3' layout in lieu of this one but at the time coming up with an extra ,$2000 to $3000 wasn't an option. He is the one who recommended that I run F7s as they are the right size for my curves. Hard to find any of these, I do have some that run good after being sent back to MTL several times, but any of the new ones that come out have the same problem ,NOISY and "I Think I can , but I can't attitude.
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