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74260Re: Shasta Layout in Continental Modeller March Issue

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  • flyerbait
    Apr 5, 2014
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      I got to be honest, the Rokuhan switches  really do look toylike. The other thing that bothers me is that Japanese Z makers pretty much went to 12 volt.. instead of staying the standard 8-10volt. yes, peco is slightly larger in rail size than the Mircotrains, and definately noticable in spacing (though if you have time on your side and a razor saw, you can easily modify tie spacing). I do think, with enough anoying Peco could produce a "u.s" style flex and points, they already produce H.O. U.S specific track. I have been watching quite a few modelers in the U.S swop out their old Atlas switches for Peco ones. I have made my own N scale switches myself when i was a teenager (out of flex track rail) because of their costs and availability. Its looking like I might likely start doing that in this scale as well. we will see. I have been using heavily modified Marklin turnouts, but i have noticed that they don't like all locos, and will short out momentarily now and again, even with marklin engines!

      Peco also produces an N scale manual turntable (thats modifiable to a z version) I picked up a kit a while back and its been put away for a later project. I did create a single manual turntable using the smaller earphone plug method, it did work fairly well with the 0-5-0 shunter, but it would be quite painful if you were using it with multiple tracks and stalls, one false move and crunch.

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