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74258Re: Shasta Layout in Continental Modeller March Issue

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  • Malcolm Kent Cleaveland
    Apr 4, 2014

      On Thu Apr 3, 2014 3:31 am (PDT) flyerbait

      Not sure if anyone mentioned anything, but i did pick up the March issue of Continental Modeller (www.pecopublicatio ns.co.uk) Has a decent sized article on Kevin Smith's "Shasta" layout (8 pages). Good to see U.S style Z getting a mention. For those of you Unfamilar with the magazine, its published by Peco (who make track, including Z flex track, I find its good for tunnels, and hidden yards, use the microtrains flex for visiable runs). Since U.S magazines have gone up in shipping (and shipping out of the U.S for models has gone up 2-3 times as much this year, huge jump) I buy this one now and again. Makes me hope that they might consider developing switches as well. I used to use their N scale track a lot and its very good quality, if they got into other Z track other than the flex... well one can hope.

      I agree that Peco Z flex is quite useful, but mostly in places where it cannot be seen because the tie spacing is European, not U.S. standard.  If they were to manufacture Z switches, the ties would have the same European tie spacing.  Same problem with the Rokuhan switches, which are very reliable and have the advantage over the Marklin and Micro-Trains (MTL) switches of having the switch machine buried in the roadbed. If only MTL would make longer flex (it measures just over 12").  I believe this is a holdover from a time when MTL could not conceive of anyone wanting a layout larger than a briefcase.  That's the only reason I can think of why their flex is so short.  Of course, a 10 piece package of MTL flex retails for about $40, so that is about $4/foot.  Pretty pricey. 
        -- Malcolm Z
      MCZ Models

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