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73611RE: RE: is there a Z equivalent to Marklin HO 4107 & 4108

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  • sbb_z
    Nov 27, 2013

      Thanks Viktor and MG. 

      I guess the 5-window landerbahn versions I have seen here and there were home-made from the 7-window 87xx's. Just checking if anyone ever manufactured them as such.  


      ---In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, <AFN47583@...> wrote:

      8700 and 8701 for two. Run very nice.

      Robert Cardinaux wrote:
      > Can anyone identify a Z-scale marklin or other maker platform passenger car series like the Marklin HO 4107 passenger & 4108 baggage car? Marklin's HO version comes in various D schemes, even an SBB marked dark green, and even I believe a Gotthardbahn.
      > Wouldn't these be ideal in Z? (Or just to apt to jump the tracks)?
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