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73608RE: is there a Z equivalent to Marklin HO 4107 & 4108

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  • viktor_kovacs
    Nov 26, 2013
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      > Can anyone identify a Z-scale marklin or other maker

      > platform passenger car series like the Marklin HO

      > 4107 passenger & 4108 baggage car? 

      The nearest matches are the 7800 coaches, but they

      are much longer. Also the donnerbusche series are

      very similar and even have baggage cars. All of these

      are longer. A common solution is to cut 8700 cars

      to shorten them. The 4107 are saxon landerbahn

      cars that found their way to the drg and later to db.

      The 8700 are wurttemberger cars that are essentially

      longer versions of the same style.

      Afaik the short baggage car was released in a small

      series with sbb markings by a swiss firm some time

      ago but all short passanger cars I've seen are home

      made ones.

      These are the ones I made a few years ago:


      (the last one is an unmodified car) 


      (the locomotive, the bagge car and the freight car are unmodified marklins)


      ---In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, <roberttip@...> wrote:

      Can anyone identify a Z-scale marklin or other maker platform passenger car series like the Marklin HO 4107 passenger & 4108 baggage car? Marklin's HO version comes in various D schemes, even an SBB marked dark green, and even I believe a Gotthardbahn.
      Wouldn't these be ideal in Z? (Or just to apt to jump the tracks)?
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