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73597Re: [Z_Scale] Double slip turnout "handedness"

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  • tpalex
    Nov 23, 2013
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      I don't get it yet :)


      Is this one Left or Right hand?  Which different behavior should I expect for the other "hand"?


      On 23/11/2013 03:29, garth.a.hamilton@... wrote:

       With a bit of thought I think I have it. 

      when the double slip throw bar is not energized the straight through route is selected. On the left hand double slip when the throw bar is energized it is the left hand route is selected. It does not matter in which direction you are travelling on the straight through route it is the left hand diverging route that is selected when the throwbar is energized. the opposite for the right hand version. So left hand and right hand have to do with position of the throw bar when it is energized versus the position when no energized. So as the unit is supplied as power routing double slip now you now which route is power when throw bar is energized. The double slip can be configured for  non power routing with supplied screws.  

      regards Garth

      ---In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, <alan@...> wrote:

      On 22 Nov 2013 14:54:48 -0800
      <garth.a.hamilton@...> wrote:

      > then why is the 13 degree crossing not sold in left or right hand model as it is the same geometry and the short piece of track supplied with the crossing make the connection for the geometry. but in the 13 degree crossing the short pieces of track are not trimmed while in the left and right double slip they are trimmed on different sides. I have asked the question of Rokuhan, it maybe that it relates to the power routing feature of the double slip when used with a standard turnout. Not sure but will copy Rokuhan's answer when I get it.

      Because of the length differences needed as I said.

      Think carefully about how it fits together. For a "left hand" you need
      the short two tracks trimmed on one side, for a "right hand" you need the
      trimming the other way. In the Märklin case the geometry difference is in
      the point but in the Rokuhan case its in the 'cut' tracks - but you still
      have the handedness there.

      See the page on 1999 which explains this.




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