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73567Membership "cleanup"

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  • trainssd
    Nov 18, 2013
      In order to help keep spam and "bad posters" at bay, I'm working on cleaning up membership, specifically members with "bouncing" email addresses.

      this is the "reference" email for your Yahoo login, if it does not exist it " hard bounces", meaning that the system has found the email does not exist.

      Having a legitimate and active email account helps keep the "good guys" in and the "bad guys" out.

      There are only a few members in this situation, but there exists the possibility that someone has changed his email account and not updated his Yahoo profile. If you do get "bumped", just update your yahoo profile with your new email address and re-apply... I think this situation will affect very few people, but the good it does the group protecting us from "bogus" members is very beneficial (and the reason this feature is in yahoo groups).

      Regards, Greg
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