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  • bim.bousman
    Nov 15, 2013
      About 11 or 12 years ago I bought kits for a Swiss Locomotive and several freight cars from Freudenreich Feinwekrtechnik that never got built...  and at age 83 I have figured out that I am unlikely to ever build them..   (see http://www.fr-model.homepage.t-online.de/)

      So I am going to try to sell them...  and I am looking for interest here on the Yahoo! Z-Scale List before going to an on-line auction site.

      If any interest please contact me off-list at bim.bousman@.... I will send you emails with details, photographs and videos.  If interested, contact me very soon because this opportunity will disappear at "first irresistible offer" or midnight November 22, whichever comes first...

      "Bim" Bousman

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