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73539Re: [Z_Scale] Ztrack Resale Update

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  • Lee Barry
    Nov 13, 2013
      Rob, checking in the Z resale sit I saw 2 D51 Tenshado Mikados, what is the difference between the 81101 & the 81103 engines and are they the same as came with my set that I dropped. I don't need the box and all of the little plastic parts, I can put it in my box. Hell I don't know where the plastic parts go anywhere and I caouldn't see them to put them on. Are these something that you have yourself. I know you said you are having some more D51's coming in but if the 81101 will "fill my bill" I'll take it if you add it to my "nat'l debt". Hopefully in the next 3 weeks I should be able to square away with you on most of what you are holding for me. If not all then a good part of it. Lee

      From: Robert Kluz
      To: Z_Scale
      Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 8:23 AM
      Subject: [Z_Scale] Ztrack Resale Update

      We have been very busy since September! Since then, we have entered over 860 items into Ztrack Resale. As of right now, we have over 2,500 products in stock and ready to ship! 

      If you have not been by Resale lately, stop by and take a look at all of the offerings. We have more track offerings, assembled kits, Marklin collector cars and Micro-Trains items. Marklin fans, look for the NIB (New In Box) items listed. These are coming in from a hobby shop that is closing. Many of these are very recent releases and all are brand new! 

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