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73493RE: Marklin CS2 and ESU Ecos

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  • garthah
    Oct 30 11:34 AM

       for Z  scale DCC I am using a NCE power cab, in my opinion it is best system to uset for Z DCC after that  if you have a computer and a USB connection to your  DCC system decoder pro is best software to program your decoders.  I started with the a chieftain  and quickly sold it and went to NCE power cab because it was very easy to use there is a good user support system and programs decoders with ease. the only thing you need to know is if decoder requires direct mode programming or page mode programming and this is where decoder pro is great as you don't need to know what programming mode to use as the program knows what each manufacturers' decoder requires. 

      regards Garth

      ---In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, <alan@...> wrote:

      On 30 Oct 2013 07:45:53 -0700
      <garth.a.hamilton@...> wrote:

      > In DCC there are two voltages to consider. the main one is the track voltage. IT can vary between 12vac and 15 vac

      Most DCC setups are higher voltage than that. Your numbers are right for
      *Z* but that needs a DCC controller with configurable voltage levels.

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