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73473My Z for sale

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  • Joe
    Oct 20, 2013

      The economy being what it is plus a broken water pump plus changes in interests have prompted me to sell my Z stuff.

      A friend of mine is handling the sale through eBay. His seller name is "hanniker". I'm not altogether thrilled with his grouping of my items so this might be your chance to get some rare goodies.

      To be specific, item #151147296424 is a decent size batch of Marklin catenary PLUS some rare System Joerger items - the staples, electric uncoupling ramp (2) and the bending tool for the staples for his coupling system. I'd rather he would have put the System Joerger stuff separate! It was a bit of an effort to get it back here in the U.S. and I thought it was a darned clever way to add Kadee/Micro Trains-like coupling to the standard Marlin couplers. (Briefly, the staples are bent in the shape of the standard Marklin coupler, then glued to the underside of the coupler. You could probably use standard Micro-Trains magnetic uncoupling ramps to uncouple but, since it was a long process to get them in the first place, I got 2 ramps while I was at it. So, you can have the plusses of magnetic uncoupling with the plusses of maintaining standard Marklin couplers if your equipment travels to friends OR you want to preserve the "as delivered" appearance. It's a win-win....likely for a Heck of a lot less than what I paid for it.)

      In the coming months, you will likely find he has more of my items for sale though none as rare as the Sytem Joerger stuff. He's about to crack the 1,000 sales mark, at 100% satisfaction.

      Feel free to ask me, or him, any questions. I appreciate everyone's help over the years. Several years ago, I asked a local European train shop to sell my items on consignment but, sadly, the owner died this year. I'd hoped his sons would find the oodles of track that were on consignment sale as well but, no luck. Soooo...without track and no funds to get track, the stuff is going. There's some N-scale too. He's selling HO too but that's not mine.

      Joe Krepps
      Secretary/Keystone Chapter - European Train Enthusiasts