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73451Re: [Z_Scale] Alco PA

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  • John & Sue Bartolotto
    Oct 9, 2013
      Re: [Z_Scale] Alco PA Kelley,

      Where did you end up?


      On 10/9/13 2:11 PM, "Kelley @ zcentralstation.com" <kaiserwillieii0815@...> wrote:


      Had to move lock, stock, and barrel accross Germany, but I am still alive. Anyways I  thought I would ask, why is there still no Alco engines in Z Figured someone would have come up with a PA by now, since I have been gone.Shapeways is nice, biut I figured the Japanese would have done it in a big way. CB&Q does not have them 8 but they had F-3s ;) )so they are not high on my list, but they sure would boost Z scale in the greater sense.

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