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73340Re: [Z_Scale] Mystery European Freight Car

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  • John C. La Rue, Jr.
    Sep 3, 2013
      How many, I wonder, of all those beer reefers are authentic models of cars owned by the breweries that actually ran on railroads? Or do/did they exist only as miniatures?

      John C. La Rue, Jr.
      Bonita Springs, FL

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      You're welcome. You'll have more luck scouring the european vendors for more info, and note that they would indicate the Marklin number as "8661,009" rather than the US translation as "8661.009" (comma instead of decimal). The 8661 series and the 8657 are the most commonly used wagons for advertising, and there are hundreds of variants of each. On yours you can also see the small lowercase "m" in bold, indicating an exclusive or export model. Judging by the German eBay sale, it's likely that yours is not so common (I'm hesitant to call it rare, as there may be as little as 100 or as many as thousands - it all depends on the specific advertiser).

      There used to be a Belgian man whose name escapes me (Jorge something?) who used to catalog every available Marklin item and offer the list (with photos) on a CD. He passed away recently and I don't believe anyone has taken over for him. I'm sure I have the '96 version somewhere and will see if I can find out any more for you.


      On Sep 03, 2013, at 09:11 AM, Greg McAndrews <cgmcandrews@...> wrote:

      Thank you Tom,

      I knew that if there was anyone who could help me with this they would be in
      this group. Thanks for the clarification on the name. I'm not too good
      with the old script. Now I can sleep easily.


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