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73299Mystery European Freight Car

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  • Greg
    Aug 29, 2013
      Dear Colleagues,

      I would appreciate help in identifying an European freight car that I purchase without a box with a group of other cars.

      The car is a white, insulated boxcar with vertical siding using the base found in the beer car set #8645, the Eng. Garten, Stuttgart #86612, and Modellbahn Treff 2007, #80916.

      The graphics read: Gebrüder Moehringer, Goppingen. The closest prototype I can find is the Gkwh 01, similar to G10, except with vertical siding.

      I have put a picture of the car in the album, "Greg's Trains".

      I would appreciate any information that would help identify this car. Is it an Insider Car or Museumswagen or some special issue? I would also like to find out the Märklin number if possible.

      Thanks in advance,

      Greg McAndrews
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