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731Re: Locomotive current demands

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  • BJKRONEN@xxx.xxx
    Jan 1, 2000

      > I don't remember seeing anything on whether or not the track should be
      > level, and would it be possible to use wheel slip at a specific angle?

      We just kept it simple. Flat and level for the wheel slip current test. I'd
      suggest computing grades may be more than some folks want to get involved

      > Have you or anybody tried using the "cheap" digital multimeters from
      > Radio Shack , etc., as the source of current reading?

      Yup, and its a problem. Digital meters sample the current a few times a
      second and display the results. More you pay, more samples per second.
      Problem is, there are a lot of variables and the digital meters tend to not
      have a consistent reading, rather the numbers on the meter just bounce around
      like you were playing roulette.

      But good old analog meters tend not to do that, and the needle stabilizes on
      a fixed point on the scale, so you can read it.

      > Is there any place (database) that we could put our data into, and all
      > get at?

      What about the archives of the OneList itself? There are a number of folders
      already there.

      *** Jeffrey MacHan: How does that work, list owner? ****

      Bill Kronenberger
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