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73041think problem is maybe lots country dont see so many style tank cars

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  • thomas cipelle
    Jul 16, 2013
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      I live along main line forCN see as many 10 different style tank cars any given day coming from Port Huron, Michigan  maybe as high 15 styles no Idea where heading have to guess most headed auto. industry or points south and west I live 20 miles north Detroit has be dozen trains day from grain cars hoppers to triple crown to intermodal trains some the train have as many 125cars. its like going circus never dull train.Oh also lots auto racks and centerbeams flat cars with some form auto  or truck frames in USA, CN running former Grand Truck tracks train seems go south Detroit part it divided at GTW  Flat Rock Wood Haven yards

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      So that's one body style we need, although you don't really see many of them.

      I reiterate that the most commonly seen body style we're missing is 57' spine cars for pig trains since the 70s.

      On Monday, 15 July 2013, Thomas Cipelle wrote:

      Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:40 am (PDT) . Posted by:
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      > we need short speciality acid tank cars different tank cars now produced by MTL. or AZL. now in production

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      Subject: [Z_Scale] New Intermountain body style

      > Folks,

      Intermountain has announced its intent to produce modern mechanical reefers in 8 paint jobs (including, I think, UP, BN, ARMN, PFE, ATSF, Golden West, GN and WP), available in early 2014. There will be 8 paint jobs initially, each offered in 6 road numbers. I think the earliest build date is the Santa Fe, sometime in the 60s.

      As far as I can see, when these come out, the only major body style we will be lacking is 57' spine cars. I've also been urging Stonebridge Models to produce a resin coil car load for MTL 40' flat cars to supplement their resin coil car load for MTL 50' gondolas, but no response so far. The 40' flat car reinforced for coil car service is much more common than gondolas for coil transport.

      Can anyone else think of another body style that Z scale needs, aside from specialized MOW equipment?

      -- Malcolm Z
      MCZ Models

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