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730Re: Locomotive current demands

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  • Ed Scullin
    Jan 1, 2000
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      To Bill B and the list.
      I don't remember seeing anything on whether or not the track should be
      level, and would it be possible to use wheel slip at a specific angle?
      I have my test track with a hinge on one end and a jack screw on the
      other so I can see how a loco will do on a grade.
      Have you or anybody tried using the "cheap" digital multimeters from
      Radio Shack etc as the source of current reading?
      Is there any place (database) that we could put our data into, and all
      get at? Somebody that has a web site to act as a server, but I don't
      know about having external data input to a database on the net. Don't
      want to burden the web site owner with having to manually input
      everybodys inputs.
      Ed Scullin
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