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  • Keith Buxton
    Jun 23, 2013
      Many thanks Mark - I have experience of PWM control unit on an experiment with T gauge.

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      The short answer is no. Depending on the loco you have, 8-9 VDC is maximum. The Marklin controller has a minimum voltage of about 3 V, which is a bit high for slow speeds. If you check the files section of the group, you'll find a diagram for a voltage dropping circuit that can be use to lower either the minimum voltage of the Marklin unit or the high voltagw of the Kato unit.
      I've been using a PWM unit called "The Snail" that is built for Z scale and allows for really low speeds.
      Hope this helps,


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      > Is it okay to use a Kato Controller on Z Marklin loco's ??? - I find that Marklin controller does not allow loco's to run slowly at bottom position of dial - I use Kato controller on N scale which seems more sensitive and produces very slow speeds

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