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72929Re: Injection molding

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  • Malcolm Kent Cleaveland
    Jun 12, 2013

      On Tue June 11 2013 etendam wrote: "I've seen molds made of liquid Aluminum (Resin)used by hobbyist."


      I think I've seen that, too. My impression is that even milled aluminum molds have a very limited lifespan, and I am going to want to make thousands of shots. My belief is that is way more than an aluminum resin, and perhaps even more than a milled aluminum mold could do.

      On the other hand, Bowser insisted on making me a chrome steel mold guaranteed for a million clean shots (I think the price mentioned was $15k, at which point I almost fell off my chair). I told them that if they guaranteed I'd live long enough to sell a million, I'd pay the price, because it would be a guarantee of immortality.

      -- Malcolm Z
      MCZ Models

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