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72905Continuing in Z (was Re: Getting Started in Z... New Starter Sets Available!)

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  • mark2playz
    Jun 1, 2013
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      There's just 6 months until Christmas and it's always better to give than receive...

      > Those desires of mine were not meant to be for starter sets. I do not need starter sets, I am already started (and had been started well over 25 years ago).
      > And I have a hunch most of us here on this forum do not really have a need for starter sets, except if they happen to combine cars that one was about to purchase independently anyway.
      > But starter sets are a great way for us, speaking to fiends and acquaintances, to let them know that they could catch the "bug" easily with what seems to be very attractive sets.
      > Once you get going and already have a roster, one looks for whatever else is needed to round up the old operation roster, and in may case, I would like to see some GE hood units and modern tanks cars.
      > Sorry if the fact that new starters sets were the things that got me started on a different tangent let to a confusion about my posting.
      > I should have changed the title (there, it is done).
      > CBVG
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