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729Re: Locomotive current demands

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  • Ole.Rosted@xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    Jan 1, 2000
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      On Fri, 31 Dec 1999 22:52:42 EST, you wrote:

      >From: BJKRONEN@...

      Bill and group:

      >Jeffrey and Bim:
      >>Jeffrey: I suppose I'm not quite clear on what we're checking here though.


      >Who's next at the keyboard on this topic?

      Me! But I'm not at all sure, that my question is relevant in the

      - What about the inner resistance of the ammeter?

      Is it a specific relationship between inner resistance of loco and
      ammeter that will produce produce the readings mentioned? And does the
      loco resistance vary with rotational speed - so that you will get
      varying milli-amp readings depending on the point where wheel-spin
      sets in (wheels and tracks not beeing 100% clean and friction/weight

      I guess everyone will see immediately, that I do not know a lot about
      these things! But....?

      BTW: the lights on my locos only turns on at a voltage where the
      current consumption makes the loco rather hot?? (Marklin locos)

      regards Ole Rosted, Denmark
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