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72893Showcase Miniature Vehicles

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  • Malcolm Kent Cleaveland
    May 26, 2013

      The Showcase Miniatures vehicles look super. I suggested to them that something more contemporary like a Kenworth OTR might be well received and they are considering it. While I'm thinking about this, I believe that no one makes a modern injection molded or die cast 53' trailer or 28' pup in 1:220 yet. I know that there are Rapid Prototyping trailers available from Shapeways, but they are unpainted and you need to come up with decals for them. If I'm wrong about the availability of modern N. American trailers in 1:220 aside from RP, please let me know.

      I don't know why Micro-Trains doesn't make them. The mold would be simple and they already have N scale trailers, so they have some artwork already. But who knows why MTL does or doesn't do anything? The last modern body style they released in Z was the 48' Gunderson, I think. In the meantime, how many modern body styles has AZL released and appears to be selling them pretty fast? Too many to list. Apparently MTL thinks they can't compete, but they could!

      -- Malcolm Z
      MCZ Models

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