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72847Re: NE-5 caboose?yes we need them

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  • Brian
    May 17, 2013
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      > As someone who is doing a different caboose for N scale, with an eye on Z, I decided against doing rivets. . . . A half inch detail in N is slightly smaller than the thickness of a sheet of paper (.004) .003 in N, .0022 thousandths in Z. Good luck with your project. -Joe S. <

      Joe, maybe this issue could be called "pyschological detail" <g>. You can't see the detail, it's so small (e.g., .0022" dia. rivets), but it's there and, thus, makes you feel good knowing it's there. I might try to mill a few tiny rivets on a small square of plastic, out of curiosity, to see what results. Nice thing about the NE-5 caboose, it's welded, not riveted.

      > The caboose Thomas is thinking of is the Pennsy N5c. However, the NE-5 would be a good representation of the pennsy N5, N5a and N5b. Better than the "standard" Northeastern caboose. <

      > In the photo from the Illinois railroad museum,one window is sealed over. Would
      your model be that way or with both open? -Dan S. <

      I believe the plated window in the photo of the NE-5 was added by the CGW, to all of its 25 cabooses of this type. IIRC, the cabooses came to the CGW without stoves; when the railroad added them, the near window was plated over. I would not include the plate as part of the casting but as a separate item.

      You know, looking at a list on my wall here, I promised someone I would work on a Pennsy N5. Maybe, two birds with one stone? . . . (Although I would never throw a rock at a bird).

      > N5C. The porthole windows were my favorite PRR cabooses. -Larry C. <

      Larry, if a prototype ever looked more like a Lionel model than the real thing, that photo shows it!

      Thanks much, fellas, for the information.

      -Brian Chapman
      Evansdale, Iowa
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