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72832Re: [Z_Scale] My nest new layout

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  • John D. Duino
    May 15, 2013
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      The little ramps are great, but I find for most rolling stock it's easier to do it by touch. I hold the trucks straight 'pinching' over the top of the car, then I can feel the rails and ties with my fingertips. Then you can confirm they are good once you start rolling and you can back off a bit. Eyesight barely enters in to the process, especially the close-up <6" variety.

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      "putting cars and locomotives on the track"



      It's plastic and removable.

      Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.
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      Subject: [Z_Scale] My nest new layout

      Hello to the group:

        I am going to be starting my next layout in about three months and am uncertain if I will build in z or n. I would love to hear some pro and cons if any one has information to share. Size is of course the obvious one and will play an important factor but one of my concerns is putting cars and locomotives on the track when they are that small.

          Love to hear what ever you think on both sides of the coin



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