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72819Re: My nest new layout

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  • gardenrails
    May 14, 2013

      Welcome to the group. I am fairly new to the group and the best advice the I have gotten from the group was to purchase a good track planning software. AnyRail was recommended to me and based on that I downloaded the trail version. Less than a week later I purchased the full package and it is great. I have not "N" and "Z" and quite a bit of both. I have plans for both and will start construction on the first module of "Z" in June. Good luck and again, welcome to the group.

      Mack (Greensboro, NC)

      I am going to be starting my next layout in about three months and am uncertain if I will build in z or n. I would love to hear some pro and cons if any one has information to share. Size is of course the obvious one and will play an important factor but one of my concerns is putting cars and locomotives on the track when they are that small.
      Love to hear what ever you think on both sides of the coin

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