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72817Re: My nest new layout

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  • Don Avila
    May 14, 2013
      Let's see now, you are at a Chevy dealership asking if a Ford is better...

      Size - Rerailing is not a problem, just use a re-railer.

      Size - since Z is about 73% the size of N, this means you can do about 90%
      MORE scenery in the same space since everything is going up by the square.

      Kit building - Use an Optivizor

      About the only thing you can't do EASILY in Z is sound.

      Z Price - Not much difference than N

      Items a available in Z - Not as much as N but unless you expect to spend
      tens of thousands of dollars you should find most anything you want.

      BTW I'm close to age 80 [Not quite] so don't worry about seeing whats going

      Lastly: Z has won first place in about half the National NMRA shows over
      the last 10 years.


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