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72778Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Rokuhan Control and Turnouts

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  • Loren Snyder
    May 3, 2013

      Kind of high jacking the thread here a bit, but I had to tell you that Karin
      has a F7 A powered and unpowered B unit that she had not run in several
      years. The other day Karin decided to sell them and I cleaned a test track
      and when I put the A unit on the track I was dumbfounded at how quiet the A
      unit was. It defys all logic because normally the A powered units are
      threshing machine noise worthy. I was so surprised I called her out to the
      shop and had her watch it for a minute. I seem to have the opposite of a
      factory lemon. Don't know what to call it except "sweet".

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      From: Lee Barry
      Date: 5/3/2013 9:30:53 AM
      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Rokuhan Control and Turnouts

      you're right about those MT F units, mostly junk and super noisy !!!

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