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72729Freudenreich F40?

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  • Harald Freudenreich
    Apr 25, 2013

      a re-release of my F40PH engine is scheduled for this year. Besides AMTRAK (2 road numbers),
      Caltrain "meat ball" paint scheme and undecorated we plan at least two other road names. Favoured are Metra,
      VIA and CSX. But I'm open for any other suggestions.
      These locos come with a coreless Faulhaber motor, big fly wheel and electronic white LED constant light DC. They have
      enough tractive force to pull prototypical trains. Unit price is about Euro 320 (about USD 416)
      We don't sell shells only, neither decorated nor undecorated.


      Harald Thom-Freudenreich
      Schwarzer Weg 1B
      D-18190 Sanitz / Mecklenburg
      Phone: +49 38209 49160 Fax: +49 38209 49161
      e-mail: FR.model@... web: www.FR-model.de

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