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72608Re: Track crossing question

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  • mark2playz
    Apr 3, 2013
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      No laughing here. It's just a matter of wiring. The diagonal tracks need to be isolated from the outside loop and whenever you use the diagonal tracks, you need to reverse the polarity of the throttle before returning to the outside loop. It would be useful to use the power routing turnouts from Rokuhan or use isolating connectors, multiple feed points and a couple of polarity reversing switches. The diagonal tracks need to be wired like the Marklin #8993 reversing loop kit.

      Hope this helps,


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Eddie Hen <southridge90@...> wrote:
      > Ok, like I said, let the laughter begin! What looked good on paper, did not
      > cross over to the real world. When I hooked up one of the inter loops,
      > minus the intersection part, the train would not run. Guess I was creating a
      > major short. Oh well, back to my original boring layout, unless of course someone
      > can stop laughing enought to come up with a solution.
      > Eddie
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