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72584Track crossing question

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  • mark2playz
    Mar 30, 2013
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      Welcome to Z. Here's some thoughts on you track crossing question.

      If you consider a clearance for an over/under crossing is 1 1/4" you could consider a 4% grade, you could do the grade in about 32".

      The 90-degree crossing is unique to Rokuhan. You should be able to connect the Marklin track to the Rokuhan crossing using the Rokuhan A014 track adapter.

      Hope this helps,

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Eddie Hen <southridge90@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      >    Here is another  "I'm new to Z-scale...." person looking for advice.
      > I bought a Marklin Mini Club set #81865 which I wanted to create a layout in a brief case,
      > but found out the engine can not handle the tight turns. So now I'm trying to
      > make a layout in a 19" wide by 44" long case. 
      >  The attachment is the layout I'm thinking about which was made with the AnyRail program.
      > I know (or at least I think) I can not build a bridge over the intersection - to much grade.
      > I was thinking I could connectthe intersection with a+ type of track section. I can not find
      > where Marklin makes this configuration. According to AnyRail, Rokuhan makes this
      > configuration (Item # R025) but I'm not sure I can connect this to Marklin track.
      > Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated,
      > Eddie
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