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72521The Horror, The Horror!

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  • Dave
    Mar 24, 2013
      A friend of mine who owns a toy and train resale shop just sold me a Micro-Trains Gp35 in UP colors for just 10 bucks. He had bought it last year from a person selling his small Z-Scale collection. Chris and his wife were starting their own z Scale layout. To his dismay he found out the loco was dead. Turns out the previous owner didn't know about only using a Marklin or similar low voltage power pack.
      Well I took the little engine to the train club and started to look at it. First the old 9v battery up against the wheels, no response. (I always carry a 9 volt battery to trains shows and swap meets to check used N&Z scale locos for sale) Next I tried to pulled the shell off the engine. Took off the fuel tank first which had some brown discoloration. Shell was tight as frozen lock, never had that problem with my Gp9. Looked closed at the shell, it was a little distorted which told me that someone had toasted it with a 12 to 16v N or H.O. transformer. Poor little engine had been electrifried! Continued on, even if motor was cooked there was still the shell and trucks. Had to use jewelers screwdrivers and needle nose pliers. Split frame slowly crack into a few pieces then separated from the shell. Once I got it out noticed melted spots inside shell.
      Circuit board inside was stuck to the top of the shell. The springs that went from board to contacts on motor had completely melted.
      Took out the little Swiss motor. The shaft turned easily when I twisted the brass ends. Now for the first test, I touched wires from a 1.5v power supply, the little motor came to life! It seemed the over voltage it got zapped with before had quickly fried the springs saving the motor, but heated up the split frame fusing it to the shell.
      Now to check the circuit board. I took my Marklin power pack and connected wires to the board. I gently turned up the throttle and the front LED lit, then reversed the power, the back LED lit! So the board is good too! So now here's my question, where can I get a replacement split frame? I really want to restore this engine so it can happily pull trains around a Z-Scale layout and bring smiles to little kids faces at shows!
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