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72499Re: [Z_Scale] Re: So Long Z; but not the friendships they last forever!

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  • Eddie Hen
    Mar 17, 2013
      Could you please tell me where you found the lighthouse pictured in http://tractionmadness.blogspot.com/
      Thanks in advance,

      From: David Mummery <d_mummery@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, March 3, 2013 7:31 PM
      Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] Re: So Long Z; but not the friendships they last forever!

      Thanks Mark,

      I'll chime in every now and again, this group and the IN RR yahoo group are hands down my favorites.
      The N layout is at best half done! Bench work is complete, the mainline is only about a third done. The main yard is 10 rungs wide with the main splitting it into 2 equal halves and is 15 feet in length. With all the industries and sidings it easily accommodates all the cars. Still lots to do, I'll be happy to send the track plan if you'd like!
      Ahh, this is a Z forum not N.
      Thanks again all!

      Dave Mummery


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      Subject: [Z_Scale] Re: So Long Z; but not the friendships they last forever!


      Sorry to read that you're moving on from Z. You brought a fresh perspective to the forum. I hope you'll comment every so often, if only to say "this is how it's done in N."
      If you don't mind some advise from someone who has a little too much diposable income and no one to give me disapproving looks: even in a since scale try to focus on a a reasonable plan. You realize that if your 2000 units were 50' box cars, that's a train that's nearly three city block long! I limit myself to aquiring only items from my history: trains I or my family have ridden, roads from Northern Califonia from my lifetime, and cars that migrated (usually unexpectedly) to California and only one layout at a time.

      All the best,


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