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72476[OT]Re: [Z_Scale] Track work - a lighter side

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    Mar 11, 2013
      Some 5 years ago I shot the video below, in Yucatan, Mexico. I was lucky enough to hold the railroad dispatcher's phone number, and lucky enough to manage to speak a few words of spanish. Provided there is only one to two trains a week each way on this railroad, every time I spent a few days in Cancun I gave the dispatcher a phone call, and very kindly he told me the next scedules... Then I just had to rent a car and to join the train at known spots, provided I knew its time of departure from Merida and its average speed (~10 mph).

      The train looks like tilted to its right hand side because I put my digital camera on the automobile's roof, that wasn't fully flat... But the screetch of wheels and the twisting cars give an idea of track condition!

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      Edward Scullin <sculline@...> wrote:

      > I wonder how many trains per year use this track.  Can't be too many

      Or the traffic is seasonal. The trackwork itself doesn't look too bad
      given the amount of sway and the speed of movement. Railway tracks are
      also very forgiving at low speed.

      The subsidence showing here is much more alarming 8) wouldn't want to
      take that with doublestacks 8)


      part of it got shutdown and some of it was only normally used for storage
      of old wagons which may explain the vegetation depending upon where the
      video was shot.

      It got bought out end of last year by Pioneer who plan to do something
      about a couple of sections still in use


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