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  • Loren Snyder
    Mar 8, 2013
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      I see your point, but that doesn't make the pain of suffering damage to our
      layouts any less palatable. Any damage is a step backward for the modeler.
      Will accidents happen?......you bet.

      We as module exhibitors need to be vigilant, diplomatic, kind, firm,
      informative, and friendly as you allude to. The only grumpy folks I have
      ever observed are the old guys in larger scales who like to set their trains
      a running and then sit back in the inner circle and yak while ignoring the
      obvious opportunity to share and grow the hobby.

      You are so right when you call us ambassadors. Some are good, some are
      great, and some are, well, maybe they shouldn't have shown up if it hurts
      that much to smile and talk to strangers.

      I think it safe to say we are all on the same page about being concerned
      about damage to our trains, good PR, and enjoying the hobby with all

      With that said, I do have to smile a bit when I consider Mark's solution of
      tying the adult to the tracks......
      There is a certain poetic justice to the idea. Of course, the clean up
      would be a bummer.

      One more thing regarding your comment, 'can anyone really do enough damage
      to your module that you couldn't fix it?'

      Probably not, but have you ever tried to repair a piece of track with
      soldered rail joiner that is an inch or two from a tunnel portal? I'd
      rather get a notice in the mail that I'd been drafted. At least I'd get a
      chuckle when I told the draft board I was 65 with failing eye sight and
      tremors :o)

      Happy modeling to all us big boys and our toys.


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      From: Nathan Leon
      Date: 3/8/2013 11:38:09 AM
      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Correcting Parents - wasTable top modules...

      Everyone has a lot of hours invested in their projects and some like to show
      them to the public. Some do it out of pride, some as a service to
      encourage new members to the hobby, and some for fun. Can anyone really do
      enough damage to your module that you couldn't fix it? It's not worth the
      bad PR to appear grumpy when we are ambassadors to the hobby.

      Damage is part of railroading anyways. So let the anger go. My grandkids
      destroy stuff, I fix it. They will always remember the fun and their happy
      grandpa. Behind the scenes I'm busy keeping the railroad running. The same
      is true with the public.

      My 2 cents.

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