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  • Perry A Pollino
    Mar 8, 2013
      My favorite sign, and I have seen in on a couple displays. DO NOT TOUCH. If you
      want to touch soemthing take your kids to a petting zoo.

      I like the red circle with slash throught it sign idea. It is a universal
      symbol.  One of my friends has a sign.It reads

      If you would like to handle my trains.
      Please not the Handleing Fee.
      Engine $125.00
      Freight cars $45.00
      Caboose $35.00
      I take cash check creditcard and Pay pal.
      Any un-authorised handling adds additional $25.00 fee.
      I think any of us that has dislplayed to the public has experineced this
      problem. I know I have several stories.


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