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  • Loren Snyder
    Mar 8, 2013

      It is folks like that lady who make you appreciate a trip to the dentist, a
      headache, gas, road blocks, tax increases, flat tires, and more.

      Seriously......I have found that raising my voice slightly so others around
      can hear, and with a rather stern look on my face say, "Please don't touch"
      is usually effective. Folks standing nearby look to see who the comment is
      directed at and often times, the parent holding the child, (yes, in the
      parent's arms even) then pull the child's hand back and tell the child not
      to touch.

      There's nothing quite like having folks see that you haven't taught little
      Johnny not to touch without asking. Parents get the point and when they
      tell their child not to touch, the teaching and learning moment occurs......

      I know that little Johnny is going to need that lesson repeated a number of
      times to become a part of his/her makeup, but at least it is a positive
      moment in the life of the child and parent..........I hope.

      Of course, there are some parents who are dumber than a sack of potatoes who
      wouldn't understand even if you took them by the nap of the neck and
      threatened to pull their eye teeth without anesthesia. Now that I think of
      it, that isn't a bad idea.....know what I mean Verne?

      On the flip side, when I see a parent pull Johnny's hand back and say "Don't
      touch", I make it a point to cheerfully say with a big smile on my face,
      Thank you, I appreciate that" That makes mom or dad feel good and they know
      they are being watched and it is a positive moment of interaction between
      attendee and modeler. It often gives opportunity for more interaction
      especially if you then engage the child in conversation about trains. The
      child feels special and the parent likes to have his/her child addressed in
      a positive manner.

      I believe it is Garth who will often have a car or two to let little folks
      hold and examine.

      There are some very positive moments at train shows, but it is the few bad
      moments we remember for a life time.


      PS. If Judy did try out her side arm, I'd testify, "Honest judge, the man
      went for Judy's gun"

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      From: Don Avila
      Date: 03/08/13 07:52:57
      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] Correcting Parents - wasTable top modules...

      That does NOT work in LA. Ask Garth or Mr Dave or Mrs Dave. We had an
      ADULT screw up a kids toy and her argument was since it is out for the
      public to see it is O.K. for the public to touch. I thought Mrs Dave George

      who is a licensed gun totter, was going to try it out.


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