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  • Don Avila
    Mar 6, 2013
      I have been with Mr Dave's layout since about 2005. His layout is closer
      to the floor than any other layout I have seen. Most of it is
      "unprotected" except for one short area that is only about 12" off the
      floor and that does have an acrylic screen. I do not think anything has
      ever been taken. A couple of times we thought something was gone, but
      looking at some photos shows the item wasn't on the layout to begin with.
      I'd say the biggest problem are the little munchkin pointers -- kids just
      love to point and sometimes they get a little excited and can push a few
      cars onto their sides, but usually no big problem. A couple of years ago
      at a Houston show a couple of teenage girls showed up at the end of the
      show. It was painfully obvious they wanted a souvenir and were going to "grab
      & run". They didn't care what it was, just 'something'. Just VERY
      carefully keeping our eyes on them made them think this wasn't such a good
      idea. Other than that I don't think we have ever had any problems. We do
      have a bright yellow rope about 12" away from the table's perimeter, but
      other than that nothing.


      On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 9:57 AM, <FR.model@...> wrote:

      > **
      > "Gert Velthuizen" gertvelthuizen@...> schrieb:
      > Friendz,
      > Just to protect your lay-out at what ever height I have seen clubs and
      > people that install clear styrene sheets at the facia of their
      > exhibition material.
      > Gert,
      > I highly recomment this kind of protection at shows where many families
      > with small children come such as Modellbahntreff Goeppingen. Otherwise
      > you must always watch at children's fingers and remove them from the
      > goodies.
      > At expert model shows (such as Altenbeken, Zell or recently Neumuenster)
      > this is not needed. I was running a very valuable pre-production
      > loco sample the entire day at the module layout of Freundeskreis Spur Z
      > Hamburg. No protection, no warning, no damage and no lost.
      > See here:
      > http://www.rainer-tielke-modellbau.com/Neumuenster_2013_SJ_Ra_01.wmv
      > 17 MB
      > http://www.rainer-tielke-modellbau.com/Neumuenster_2013_SJ_Ra_02.wmv
      > 12 MB
      > http://www.rainer-tielke-modellbau.com/Neumuenster_2013_SJ_Ra_03.wmv
      > 10,5 MB
      > http://www.rainer-tielke-modellbau.com/Neumuenster_2013_SJ_Ra_04.wmv
      > 18 MB
      > http://www.rainer-tielke-modellbau.com/Neumuenster_2013_SJ_Ra_05.wmv
      > 13,5 MB
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