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72387Re: So Long Z; but not the friendships they last forever!

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  • mark2playz
    Mar 3, 2013
      Sorry to read that you're moving on from Z. You brought a fresh perspective to the forum. I hope you'll comment every so often, if only to say "this is how it's done in N."
      If you don't mind some advise from someone who has a little too much diposable income and no one to give me disapproving looks: even in a since scale try to focus on a a reasonable plan. You realize that if your 2000 units were 50' box cars, that's a train that's nearly three city block long! I limit myself to aquiring only items from my history: trains I or my family have ridden, roads from Northern Califonia from my lifetime, and cars that migrated (usually unexpectedly) to California and only one layout at a time.

      All the best,
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