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  • Peter Nolan
    Feb 16 9:03 AM
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      I'll confess that I've been dribbling announcements out because I did not
      know if I could actually make these ships in a timely manner. As I've
      gotten more experienced in making ten ships rather then one, I'm getting
      more confident. Complicating the matter has been my wife's eye problem,
      which turned into a one year tour through medical facilities three hours
      away, and other family issues that have had me split time between Ohio and

      Since things have settled down, I'm ready to announce and ship. Yes, the
      ships are pricey, but the amount and quality of the details account for
      that. I call these "near-museum quality." In some details they exceed
      museum quality; in the quality of workmanship (mine) they may fall short in
      other details.

      I've been pleasantly surprised at the orders coming in. And local sales
      have been extraordinary. I brought five 125' Active class cutters to a
      local club meeting, and sold four of them at $775 each (with a local
      discount, a little less). It seems, once a person has actually held one of
      them in his hands, it's his (or hers). They are pricey, and some of that is
      the parts themselves. Good lifeboats are expensive, as are good fittings,
      and they are a lot of fittings on these ships.

      The Z scale container ships and Lakers don't have so many fittings, but
      they eat up an enormous amount of PE brass. I'll have a firm price soon.

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