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72223Re: [Z_Scale] Re: For fun, Z scale up and down helix solar powered

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  • Uwe Liermann
    Feb 10, 2013
      Hello Thomas,

      > note that particular part of the track which seems to using
      > also a small straight part, probably 8588, i am looking for the rest piece
      > If such a part is available for 195mm curve with 220mm curve
      > instead of 195mm i can go a little bigger...

      I just checked it out with my track planing software:

      the short straight is a 55mm section, probably a short terminal track
      like the one's used in those small suitcase boxes. But anyway, if you
      take a circle of 8510 (145mm radii) sections and include a 55mm straight
      (8503) before the last quarter turn then you can go on with 8520 (195mm
      radii) for the outer circle. The middle of both circles will be 5mm of
      center, but since those two helixes are not on the same base, it don't
      show much. But you can see it on your picture. The center of the inner
      circle is a little to the left of the center of the outer circle.

      For the same result in a combination of 8520 (195mm radii) for the inner
      circle and 8530 (220mm radii) for the outer circle you just have to
      exchange the 8503 straigth (55mm) with a 8504 straight (25mm), In this
      case the two circle lines will be apart only 25mm, but they will have
      the same center.

      I don't know about MTL and Rokuhan tracks if they have those short
      sections, but then you just have to customize a longer straight section.

      On another thought with flextrack you can do anything you want too... ;-)

      > www.thomasworkbench.com

      hey, I love your F104...


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