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72222Re: For fun, Z scale up and down helix solar powered

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  • gordini94
    Feb 10, 2013
      Thank you for the info, drawing also helpfull but Z-helix is not using turn outs to connect the inner and outer cycles. If you take a look at the link:
      I have upload a photo and note that particular part of the track which seems to using also a small straight part, probably 8588, i am looking for the rest piece

      If such a part is available for 195mm curve with 220mm curve instead of 195mm i can go a little bigger or as i said how about using a part of flexi track and do what i like? Do you think flexible track can do the connection? I think i must go and buy some tracks and experiment.



      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Uwe Liermann wrote:
      > Hello Thomas,
      > > I am planning to use marklin 8510,145mm radius and 8520, 195 mm radiu
      > > so I will have an inner 29cm cycle and an outer 39 cm cycle. The most
      > > ''difficult' thing will be the track part that will connect the outer
      > > with the inner cycle, I don't know if marklin has such a curve that
      > > will fit or i will need to use a flexi track.
      > there are no curved turn outs that will connect a 145mm curve with a
      > 195mm curve directly.
      > The 195mm curve will connect with the 220mm curve by using the curved
      > turnouts 8568 and 8569. You will need one of each for each connection.
      > However, those curved turn outs are known to be a kind of a problem for
      > derailments if not set perfectly.
      > The combination will look like this:
      > outer curve in a 180° turn to the right:
      > 8531 - 8568 - 8521 - 8521 - 8569 - 8531
      > inner curve in this turn_
      > 8569 - 8521 - 8521 - 8521 - 8521 - 8568
      > If you want to connect those lines in a straight you have two options:
      > With a 25 mm gap as will result from using the 195mm and the 220mm curve
      > radii, you just need two right or two left turn outs. They will connect
      > the lines perfectly. When you want just to merge the two lines just
      > replace one turn out with a 8591 490mm curve.
      > If you have a 50mm gap between the lines, as you will in your example
      > then you need to set the two turn outs and fill in a 8507 112.8mm
      > straight to get the right distance.
      > GreetingZ
      > Uwe
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