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72221heilex hi uwe im running 2 heilex

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  • thomas cipelle
    Feb 10, 2013
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      hi uwe  I divied mine  into 2complete separate double helix separated  they run very  well fact one double helix has figue  eight running under it thom c.  0nes using MTL. track  other using  new roukhan with  90 degree  cross over.

      From: Uwe Liermann <maillist@...>
      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2013 8:33 AM
      Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] Re: For fun, Z scale up and down helix solar powered


      Hello Thomas,

      > I am planning to use marklin 8510,145mm radius and 8520, 195 mm radiu
      > so I will have an inner 29cm cycle and an outer 39 cm cycle. The most
      > ''difficult' thing will be the track part that will connect the outer
      > with the inner cycle, I don't know if marklin has such a curve that
      > will fit or i will need to use a flexi track.

      there are no curved turn outs that will connect a 145mm curve with a
      195mm curve directly.
      The 195mm curve will connect with the 220mm curve by using the curved
      turnouts 8568 and 8569. You will need one of each for each connection.
      However, those curved turn outs are known to be a kind of a problem for
      derailments if not set perfectly.

      The combination will look like this:

      outer curve in a 180° turn to the right:

      8531 - 8568 - 8521 - 8521 - 8569 - 8531

      inner curve in this turn_

      8569 - 8521 - 8521 - 8521 - 8521 - 8568

      If you want to connect those lines in a straight you have two options:

      With a 25 mm gap as will result from using the 195mm and the 220mm curve
      radii, you just need two right or two left turn outs. They will connect
      the lines perfectly. When you want just to merge the two lines just
      replace one turn out with a 8591 490mm curve.

      If you have a 50mm gap between the lines, as you will in your example
      then you need to set the two turn outs and fill in a 8507 112.8mm
      straight to get the right distance.



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