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72199Re: When will the time come for Switchers?

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  • w_a_roehrich
    Feb 5, 2013
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      Times changed. When i started as engineer we used old british 3 axles shunters for switching and branch line transport, while using French and US license Loco´s on our mainlines. Later, the old stuff went to the shredder or was sold to foreign companies, or, after cleansing of Asbestos, sold to new freight operators and railmaintenance llc´s.
      Our Cargocorp was sold to Deutsche Bahn and is nowadays known as DB Schenker. Schenker uses mainly BR189 and NS1800 ( BB7200 ), aswell as MaK 6400 ( DE 1002 ).
      Almost both 6400 series are bunkered at Amersfoort Freight Station and Amersfoort Army Yard.


      also see here:


      There is a variety of Maerklin switchers:
      BR V60
      BR V100
      BR 89
      BR 94
      BR V212
      BR V260

      Hope this helps a bit.

      / August

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, BAZ wrote:
      > Many factories, short lines, shops, etc. used the smaller locos, especially early on but you see them now too as modern hybrids, etc.
      > I do switching on my side yard and would do more with a smaller loco. It just looks right ;)
      > Jeff
      > SF Bay Area Z
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      > On Feb 4, 2013, at 12:39 PM, "dr strangelove" wrote:
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      > > I know all you guys want switch engines, but could anyone tell me why? Is it because they are small and cool looking? ( I do like them because they are small and cool looking) Is it becasue you have big train yards? Myself, I am working on a particular RR at a particular time, and though they did switching, it was always with a road engine. GP7, SD7, ect. I am always interested in new things in Z and any new engine type is welcome, but I am just wondering if there are folks out there that think they can only do switching operations with a switch engine?
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