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72119Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Seeking assistance with Marklin #8800 loco

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  • Don Fedjur
    Jan 27, 2013
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      Mother always said; "work smart.......not hard"

      Take a piece of steel, ruler etc., flat bar..............throw some magnets onto it................now hover over the area that you think the lost screw is, you should pick it up quickly.

      If you need it brought back to life and a new screw, contact me.


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      I'll take a look, but I'm pretty sure it didn't...I saw and heard the screw bounce off the desk top, then over the edge. (I checked my shoes and socks, too.)


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Alan Cox wrote:
      > > 2) I proceeded to remove the bottom cover plate and clean some fibers out of the gear train. All went well until I dropped one of the screws. An exhaustive sweep of the floor with flashlight, fingers, and magnet was fruitless. (Damn.) What is the easist source for a replacement? Is there a stock item from Walthers that fits?
      > Check in the loco - they sometimes "fall" into the motor/magnet instead 8)
      > Alan

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