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71740Re : [Z_Scale] hello from a newbie

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    Dec 6, 2012
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      >2. track feeders: what's the recommendation for how far apart to space >feeders? I was planning to solder them to the rail joiners every 2 ft or >so.

      More than a distance, one should consider a number of track sections. Most modellers indeed recommand to solder feeders every two track sections. Myself (using MTL flextrack) I soldered feeders to EVERY track section. Furtermore I soldered every track sections between each other, of course except at the locations where a gap is necessary (spurs, and line sections where a train has to hold when I'm completing switching elsewhere - I'm DC). May be some will consider it's too much, however I'm very happy with the reliability of what I've done, and 5 years after the completion of track laying I've not the least short or bad contact problem.

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