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  • Jeff
    Sep 4, 2012
      I thought there were 53' trailers on Shapeways (put AZL/MCZ contailers on top ?)

      Jeff M
      SF Bay Area Z

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      Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2012 09:11:45
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      Subject: [Z_Scale] Re: RTTX 89' FLATS NOW AVAILABLE FROM AZL


      Good news! Although I bought a whole bunch of Curtis (now E&D) model
      89' flatcar kits a long time ago, this is still welcome news for the vast
      majority of Z scalers who like RTR.

      I would like to call attention to the fact that while the new flatcars
      come with trailer hitches for TOFC loading, there are STILL no 53'
      semi-trailer models available to put on the hitches. SeaRails used to
      offer some RTP 53' tractor trailer sets, but I don't think they're still
      available. This would be a good idea for Shapeways, in fact I suggested
      this to Stony. But I don't think the idea was ever taken up.

      I have seen 1:200 and 1:250 tractor trailer rigs offered for Z scale
      use, and they don't look too bad when isolated from other Z scale items
      that would lend perspective. But if you are going to do TOFC with Z scale
      89' flats, you really need a 1:220 trailer. And you need a fair number of
      the trailers, preferably RTP or injection-molded and pad printed. You
      will need a fair number for realism because the pigttains were usually
      unit trains with a large number of loads. If you go the RTP route, you
      will need decals to finish them, a big problem in Z scale. That's one
      reason that I still haven't painted the SeaRails trailers I bought.

      Some people have asked, "Why doesn't MCZ Models do an injection molded
      53' trailer to go along with its containers?" The answer is that a mold
      costs thousands of $$$ and I'm not convinced that I could recoup the mold
      costs and make a profit in any reasonable time frame. This would be an
      ideal project for Micro-Trains since they already offer N scale trailers
      (so they already have the artwork, just needs to be shrunk) and do their
      own molds in-house. Their trailers look prototypical, unlike their
      containers. I have suggested making Z scale trailers to MTL, but
      apparently the suggestion was not looked on favorably or not passed up the

      -- Malcolm Z
      MCZ Models


      Z-scale: minimum siZe, MAXIMUM enjoyment!
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