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7090Re: [z_scale] Micro-Trains F7 Dummy 17009-2 Does Not Roll???

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  • Scott A. Whitmire
    Nov 3, 2001
      At 11/3/01 01:20 PM, you wrote:
      >After a few years of tinkering w/ Marklin Z, I recently purchased M-T
      >F7 A and B units. The A unit runs OK, although it is a little loud
      >and body detail is marginal at best. The B unit has much better
      >detail (newer mold?) but hardly rolls at all. I have opened trucks,
      >checked wheel spacing, and lubed (using Archer w/ Teflon 64-2301A),
      >but result is not really acceptable.
      >Suggestions are welcome. I am new to group, so my apologies if this
      >issue has already been discussed.

      The dummy is basically a body sitting on a flatcar chassis. If it
      doesn't roll, look for some binding in one or both trucks.

      I took a different tack to solving that problem. I bought a GN F7A
      powered unit and a F7B dummy. I took the F7B shell and put in on
      the chassis for my SP F7A that I got with the original layout. I now
      have a powered F7AB set that looks great.

      Problem is, I have the train, but sold the layout... :-(

      Scott Whitmire
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